Saturday, Sep 26th

Have you applied for our district's free meal program yet? If not, please do so now! Qualifying is so much more than free meals! It gives your family free or reduced community sports, internet access, testing fees, and more. It also brings in a significant amount of funding to our school. Last year, each qualifying application brought in about $400 for a total of over $60,000. This makes a huge difference! We use these funds for academic interventions, counseling supports, Leader in Me, materials, and much more. There are two ways to qualify, either by income or by being "doubled up." If you are living with another family or adult (e.g. grandparent, friends, cousins, roommate) you are considered doubled up. If this is your situation, please contact our office so we can assist you with the residency affidavit. It is easy to apply online here. Please do it as soon as possible so your family can start receiving benefits and we can secure our school funding. For those who received benefits last year, you still must apply this year. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, we are happy to help.

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