Wednesday, Nov 30th

Each year, our school receives almost $50,000 in federal Title 1 money. To receive these funds, we need to reach a threshold of 35% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. In the past, we have come in just over this percentage, usually just by two or three students. If we don't reach the 35% threshold, we don't receive any of the funding! This money is critical to our school! It funds academic interventions, especially in reading and literacy skills, along with counseling, parent support, after school programs, and curricular materials.You can help us reach 35%! Please make sure to complete the application for free and reduced meals, even if your child never plans to eat school lunch. You must reapply every year.Your child can also qualify if you have another family or individual living in your home or on your property. For example, many families have grandparents, cousins or friends living with them. Just stop by or call our office right away to let us know and we will walk you through the necessary paperwork.Thank you for helping us with this effort. This funding keeps vital programs running for our students.

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